As a Health & Wellness Brand, we know the importance of how we take care of our body. The health of your skin is a combination of many elements and you can make a huge impact by the choices you make.

We believe Nature creates & is full of powerful tools. Tools that nourish us... tools that heal us.

There are beautiful, magical creations all around the Earth. Some of which were used for skin & beauty treatments centuries ago.

Here at 1 Body Life, as a health conscious brand, we know the importance of the foods we put into our body. That knowledge has led us to see the importance of knowing what is in the other products we use on a daily basis and became the reason we created our natural skincare line. Your skincare should be just as transparent as the foods you consume. You should know what is in the products you are putting onto your skin. just like you should know what is in the foods you are consuming.

We start by searching for the most incredible, exciting and effective natural ingredients in the world and formulate until we create something we know you will love! We leave out the harsh chemicals that are known to be irritants or may have questionable concerns.

And to ensure that you are receiving the freshest ingredients to feed your skin, we create our Artisanal Skin Treats in-house in Small Batches.

Researched, Formulated, Made by Us & packaged with love & care from us to you.